Jane Irish Exhibition at Locks Gallery

Jane Irish
Paintings for Winning Hearts and Minds

December 7, 2007 - January 12, 2008

Locks Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Jane Irish. Paintings for Winning Hearts and Minds will be on view December 7, 2007 through January 12, 2008. The exhibition will be accompanied by an illustrated catalog with an essay written by Carter Ratcliff. There will be a reception for the artist on Friday, December 7, 2007, from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

Jane Irish, a self-described "history painter" comments on the politics of war by creating juxtapositions between painterly vignettes and first person reflections. Her lush, Rococo interiors are intensely bright and seemingly sun-filled spaces. These ornate subjects are overlaid with white-lettered text describing the Vietnam veterans' experience creating stark visual contradictions. Carter Ratcliff writing in the catalog essay, "Pleasure and Protest: The Art of Jane Irish," describes "an artist with a tragic outlook, who sees our happiest, most pleasurable impulses intertwined with our most destructive ones."

Having organized a major protest exhibit in 2005, where artists commemorated the heroics of antiwar veterans drawing attention to the Iraq War, Irish subsequently researched a unique Philadelphia-based archive of imaginative work made by veterans and others, of plays, films, literature, posters and music, creating accounts of the Vietnam War. Such references as "Save Waller Street/Yellow Street" (a Vet center known for grass roots activism) and the poems of Vietnam veteran, David Connolly are the underlying narratives of her recent work.

Irish, a Philadelphia-based painter received her MFA from Queens College, CUNY and has exhibited in New York and Philadelphia since 1983. Irish created a large-scale installation for the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts–her first, museum solo exhibit titled History Lesson in 2002-03. This ambitious project was favorably reviewed in Art in America and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Irish previously exhibited at Locks in two group exhibits, Fete (2006) and Treasure Island (2000).

Locks Gallery is located at 600 Washington Square South in Philadelphia, PA. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. For additional information, please contact Locks Gallery at 215.629.1000 voice, 215.629.3868 fax, or info@locksgallery.com.


Live Nude Art Auction Colossal Success: Grosses $10,000 (everyone loves naked dudes)

The MFA Class of 2008 would like to extend a big Thank You to all the donating artists, faculty, alum, local businesses and especially the MFA class of 2009 for all your contributions to making Live Nude Art a record breaking smash hit.

MFA Final Reviews:
Coming to a Weekend Near You

MFA Final Reviews
December 7th, 8th & 9th
9am - 6pm
Meyerson Galleries
quiet please
photos courtesy of Shayna V. McConville


Francesca Pfister's (MFA Alum '07) Featured in New York Times article

MFA '07 Francesca Pfister's photography mentioned in the latest (11/04/07) issue of the New York Times

"Francesca Pfister of Philadelphia is showing photographs of pallets of pink bricks of insulation; plainly lighted, but acutely in focus, they have a raw industrial beauty. Her pictures narrow our field of vision so that we cannot see anything else. I like that quality, for it forces us to look carefully and to try to imagine a wider context. You can almost hear a forklift clamoring in the background." Benjamin Genocchio, Art Critic for The New York Times

Full article:


Live Nude Art Auction Countdown: 14 Days until the event

You are cordially invited to participate in a night of LIVE NUDE ART, the annual art auction to raise funds for Penn's MFA thesis show. On November 30, from 6-9 PM in the Meyerson Gallery, over 100 scantily priced artworks will be available in silent auction. The highlight of the evening will be a live auction of work by internationally respected artists including Sarah McEaneany, John Moore, Joshua Mosely, Eileen Neff, Zoe Strauss, and others. The auctioneer will be Alasdair Nichol of Freemans, the oldest auction house in America. Shirt and shoes required.

For more information: For additional information, contact MFA Class of 2008 representatives:
Gianna Delluomo: 215-900-9714, delluomo@design.upenn.edu
Simon Slater: 917-763-7034, simonslater@gmail.com

Up-to-date information about the event can be accessed on-line here at the blog or at: http://www.design.upenn.edu/new/finar/newsevents.php

For building locations on Penn's campus, please consult the online maps at
or telephone the offices of the Department of Graduate Fine Arts at 215-898-8374.

Deb Hoy (MFA '08) in group exhibition:Tip of the Iceberg at the Schuylkill Center

Tip of the Iceberg
November 10, 2007 through January 31, 2008

Deb Hoy (MFA class '08)
Carla Liguori
Kelko Miyamori
Emily Sullivan
Austin Tremellen

The Schuykill Center
8480 Hagy's Mill Road
Philadelphia, PA
215 482 7300



Freeman's Auction House Agrees to Run Upenn MFA Benefit: LIVE NUDE ART

Freeman's Auction house has agreed to generously donate their head auctioneer's time to run the main event of Live Nude Art: The Live Auction.

The live auction will feature works by nationally and internationally respected artists
including Terry Adkins, Jane Irish, Gabriel Martinez, Sarah McEneaney, Joshua
Mosley, John Moore, Eileen Neff, Demetrius Oliver, Robert Pruitt, Zoe Strauss
and others.

Live Nude Art will take place at the
Meyerson Galleries in Meyerson Hall, located at 210 South 34th Street on the
University of Pennsylvania campus. Clothed guests will be treated to the musical
stylings of DJ PHSH with free refreshments served throughout the
For additional information, contact
MFA Class of 2008 representatives:
Gianna Delluomo: 215-900-9714, delluomo@design.upenn.edu
Slater: 917-763-7034, simonslater@gmail.com


MFA 1st Year Exhibition: Class of 2009

MFA First Year Exhibition
November 2nd - November 15th
Opening Reception:
Friday, November, 2, 2007, 5pm
Meyerson Upper and Lower Galleries
University of Pennsylvania
Kimberly Brickley Edward Carey
Tay Cha
Jessica Clauser
Jennifer Copeland Jaimeson Daley Kurt Freyer Tia-Simone Gardner Elizabeth Hoy Tetsugo Hyakutake Jules Joseph Kate Kaman Antonio McAfee Jessa McFarlane Nicolas McMahon Aaron Mette Evi Numen Lia Post Jaime Roth Rebecca Sargent Peter Schenck
Emilie Selden Nicole White Ricardo Zapata

Professor TERRY ADKINS at The ICA - November 7th

Performance by
wed nov 7 @ 8pm
Institute of Contemporary Art
University of Pennsylvania
Terry Adkins’ Lone Wolf Recital Corps usually performs at the sites of his sculpturally based memorials to relevant historical figures. Recited text, sounding sculpture, video, music and ritual actions are orchestrated to recover and reenact the deeds of the honored, which have included Jimi Hendrix, Sojourner Truth, John Coltrane, John Brown, W.E.B. Du Bois and Bessie Smith. Adkins is also an Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Penn’s School of Design. A Spiegel Fund Event.


LIVE NUDE ART AUCTION: 33 Days and counting...

Practice your mantra:

More Info here


Richard Serra and Werner Herzog: Too Big for the Auditorium

click image to read article and view clip

"you open [the event] to the public, you should have enough space," she remarked. "The venue is too small,…and Irvine Hall is right next door. You have a world-class filmmaker. Why wouldn't you have more seats?"
well..why wouldn't you have more seats the next night too, when students, faculty and the philadelphia community were also turned away from seeing Richard Serra?"

LIVE NUDE ART Auction at Penn: 35 days until the event


Take advantage of a unique opportunity to purchase high quality artwork at affordable prices. The University of Pennsylvania Graduate Fine Arts department class of 2008 is hosting a silent auction fundraiser to support their graduation thesis show. Attendees will be able to bid on artworks by internationally recognized artists, as well as University of Pennsylvania faculty, students, and alumni. The auction will be held on Friday, November 30th, 2007, 5-8pm, free admission, entertainment and refreshments.

Philadelphia, October 24, 2007-The PennDesign Graduate Fine Arts class of 2008 announced plans today to hold an art auction to raise funds for their spring thesis show. The auction, which will take place on Friday, November 30th, is entitled LiveNude Art. “The title has less to do with the subject matter of the art or the dress code of those in attendance, and more to do with the pleasurable and playful atmosphere of the auction,” explained Class of 2008 member Travis Heck. “These days, it is rare to find an auction that allows guests not only the opportunity to bid on works by critically noted artists, but also to drink, eat, and boogie down all in one fun and free evening,” continued Heck.

Artworks created by the faculty, students and alumni of the Fine Arts Program will be available in a silent auction. The highlight of the night will be a brief live auction featuring works by nationally and internationally respected artists including John Moore, Eileen Neff, Joshua Mosely, Zoe Strauss, Terry Adkins, Sarah McEaneeny, Robert Pruitt, Demetrius Oliver and others.

Live Nude Art will take place in the Meyerson Lower and Upper Galleries in MeyersonHall, located at 210 S. 34th Street in Philadelphia. Guests will be treated to the musical stylings of DJ PHSH and free refreshments for clothed guests will be served throughout the evening.

For additional information, contact MFA Class of 2008 representatives:
Gianna Delluomo: 215-900-9714, delluomo@design.upenn.edu
Simon Slater: 917-763-7034, simonslater@gmail.com

Up-to-date information about the event can be accessed on-line here at the blog or at: http://www.design.upenn.edu/new/finar/newsevents.php.

For building locations on Penn's campus, please consult the online maps at
or telephone the offices of the Department of Graduate Fine Arts at 215-898-8374.


Eileen Neff and Jeremy Sigler

ICA Philadelphia

Whenever Wednesday: Conversation:

Eileen Neff + Jeremy Sigler

wed oct 17 @ 7pm

Artist and writer Eileen Neff and poet Jeremy Sigler, Associate New York Editor of Parkett, will discuss the nature and process of Neff's work on view this fall in ICA's second floor gallery.

ICA members and PennCard holders only. Space is limited. Reservations required. Please rsvp via email to rsvp@icaphila.org
or fax your reservation to 215.898.5050.

Studio M23: Jules Joseph
class of 2009

"we don't die, we multiply." - Joseph

Vasco Araújo Lecture

Tuesday, October 16
5:00 pm
White Room Morgan Building

A Video artist and sculptor, Vasco Araújo earned his advanced degree in Fine Art at Maumaus, School of Fine Arts and Photography, Lisbon, and his degree in Sculpture at F.B.A.U.L., Lisbon. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in Spain, Australia and Portugal and has also participated in exhibitions in Turkey, Belgium, Brazil, Hungary, Germany and the United States. He is currently an Artist in Residence at the University of the Arts, and has also been in residence at Recollets, France and the Core program in Houston, TX.


Print 14 - Graduate Computer Seminar Exhibition
with Professor Joshua Mosley

left: Travis Heck right: Megan Rogers

left: Rebecca Sargent right: Travis Heck

Rebecca Sargent detail

Warren Corlett

left: Lee-Jin Kim

left: Kurt Freyer right: Shanjana Mahmud

left: Kate Kaman right: Gianna Delluomo

Kim Brickley detail

left: Kim Brickley right: Daniel Gerwin
Shanjana Mahmud

left: Julia Ewing middle: Ahmed Elmardi right: Warren Corlett

Studio M15: Travis Heck
class of 2008

"I'm big in Japan" - Heck


Barry Nemett Lecture: Wednesday October 11th

Thursday, October 11
Barry Nemett
reading/lecture 5:00 p.m.
Meyerson Hall B1
Barry Nemett's first novel is a wise and ourageously imaginative story about love and forgiveness: love and misunderstanding between generations of the Schaech family; inspired first love between Stephen and his student teacher; and love of great art. Old Master and contemporary paintings serve Stephen as resonant arenas for the drama of his relationships, which lend the narrative characters that come vividly to life. By way of the story, Nemett (a painter) helps us dive into great art with abandon. He also deeply understands the nuances of childhood and adolescence and creates relationships with an emotional intimacy that rings resoundingly true.




ONE NIGHT STAND: Penn MFA class of 2008 Exhibition

ONE NIGHT STAND—a First Friday exhibition presented by Nouveau Condominiums, CREI Real Estate and Jenny Jaskey Gallery, featuring selected works by the PennDesign Graduate Fine Arts class of 2008. Curated by Jenny Jaskey of Jenny Jaskey Gallery (formerly Tower Gallery).

A soiree not to miss—join us for an evening to peruse new artworks from an exciting group of young artists in a sleek modern setting framed against the glittering Philadelphia skyline.
First Friday, October 5, 2007, 5–8 pm, free admission and refreshments.
122 New Street—two blocks north of Race Street, off Second Street.

For additional information, contact:
Deb Hoy: 267-269-1959, hoydj@design.upenn.edu
Jenny Jaskey Gallery: info@jennyjaskey.com

PennDesign Department of Graduate Fine Arts: 215-898-8374
Nouveau Condominiums: 122 New St, Philadelphia, PA, 19106
CREI Real Estate: 800-960-CREI, info@creirealestate.com