Tra Bouscaren (MFA '12 candidate) will present selected work at Stony Brook University's Philosophy and the Arts Conference, April 1st, 11am

Tra Bouscaren (MFA '12 candidate) has been selected to present his work "Progressive Palingenesis" at the Stony Brook University, Philosophy and the Arts Conference. The conference hosts an excellent lineup of philosophers, artists, art historians, and scholars from other fields coming from across North America to present their ideas and artworks. The Keynote Speaker for the event, Dr. Kaja Silverman (University of Pennsylvania, Art History) will address the conference on Friday. Information on the conference, as well as the schedule of events for Friday, April 1st and Saturday April, 2nd can be viewed at the link below. For more information regarding this event, visit http://www.philosophyartconference.org/2011-conference.html

Event Date and Time: Friday April 1st, 11:00am - Saturday April 2nd, 7:45pm

Stony Brook University, Manhattan
387 Park Avenue South, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10016
(Please enter at the 101. E. 27th Street entrance, below the Stony Brook flag)


Fine Arts Lecture Series: Michelle Grabner, Thursday March 31st, 6pm

The Penn Design Fine Arts Lecture series presents Michelle Grabner and her lecture at the ICA. Michelle Grabner is an artist and writer. She is also is a corresponding editor for X-tra and ArtUS. Her writing has been published in Artforum, Modern Painters, Frieze, Contemporary, X-tra, Art Press, Teme Celeste among others.

Professor and Painting and Drawing Department Chair at The School of the Art Institute, she has also taught at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Cranbrook Academy of Art, and the Yale Norfolk Program. Recent visiting artist engagements include California Institute of the Arts; Albert College of Art and Design, Calgary; American University; Bennington College; California College of Art; and the San Francisco Art Institute.

Grabner is also the founder and director of The Suburban, an artist-run project space in Oak Park, Illinois, which over the past ten years has hosted projects by numerous major and emerging artists. A ten-year anniversary catalogue titled Can I Come Over to Your House: The First Ten Years of The Suburban, with essays by Michelle Grabner Michael Newman is being published later this year. She and her husband Brad Killam also run The Poor Farm, a kunsthalle in Waupaca County WI.

She has exhibited her work at Musée d´art Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg; Stadtgalerie, Keil; Kunsthalle, Bern; Daimler Contemporary, Berlin; Midway, Minneapolis; Rocket, London; INOVA, Milwaukee; Southfirst, Brooklyn; Gallery 16, San Francisco; Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI; Feigen, Inc. New York; Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago; The Milwaukee Art Museum; Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen, Sindelfingen; McKenzie; Bricks and Kicks, Vienna; Turbinehallerne, Copenhagen; Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas.

To learn more about Grabner's work, visit http://www.michellegrabner.com/

Event Date and Time: Thursday, March 31st, 6:00pm

The Institute of Contemporary Art
Tuttleman Auditorium
118 South 36th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Kelsey Halliday Johnson (MFA '12 candidate) and Robert Dimin (MFA '11 candidate) in Exhibition at Project Space 240 Church, Opening April 1st, 6pm

Kelsey Halliday Johnson (MFA '12 candidate) and Robert Dimin (MFA '11 candidate) will be in a group exhibition titled, "After the Curtain" at Project Space 240 Church, Philadelphia. The exhibition features the latest work by Leigh Barrow, Reed Barrow
Mia Berg, Justin Melnick, Stephen K. Schuster, Dimin, Johnson & others.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 1st, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Exhibition Dates: Friday, April 1st - Saturday, April 30th

Project Space 240 Church
240 Church Street (Between Market & Arch and 2nd & 3rd)
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Jayson Musson (MFA '11 candidate) interviewed in "Art in America"

Jayson Musson (MFA '11 candidate) was recently interviewed by Brian Boucher in "Art in America". Musson's alter-ego, Hennessey Youngman is the latest phenomenon to sweep the Internet. Musson / Youngman, the creator of "Art Thoughtz", who is black, styles himself in one of his videos as "the pimp of one-liners". He offers screamingly funny and sometimes sharply critical observations on the art world in the form of instructional videos. Topics range from the perils of copying Bruce Nauman ("You into torture? Shit, I'm into torture. Shit, you know what? Too bad. Bruce Nauman, he owns torture!"), to understanding relational esthetics, to how to be a successful artist. Over the last year, 10 videos have been posted, all in the same genre, some purportedly responding to requests and comments from viewers.

To view more of Musson's "Art in America" interview, visit http://www.artinamericamagazine.com/news-opinion/conversations/2011-03-24/hennessey-youngman-youtube/

Visit http://www.youtube.com/user/HennesyYoungman to catch the latest Hennessey footage.


Fine Arts Lecture Series: Stan Douglas, Thursday March 24th, 5:30pm

Stan Douglas is an artist whose work explores social histories played out through a complex cinematic and televisual language. His interest in the social implementation of western ideas of progress, particularly utopian philosophies, is located in their often divisive political and economic effects. His interrogation of the structural possibilities of film and video, in concert with intricately developed narratives, has resulted in a number of groundbreaking contemporary art works. These have been
included in exhibitions around the globe, most recently in Documenta 11, 25th Bienal de Sao Paulo, and the 51st Venice Biennale.

(Reid Shier, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Contemporary Art Gallery, Stan Douglas: Every Building on 100 West Hastings, 2002)

To learn more about Stan Douglas' work, http://www.davidzwirner.com/artists/17/

Event Date and Time: Thursday, March 24th, 5:30pm

Meyerson Hall, Room B1*
210 S 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

* Please note the change of location, this lecture will be held in Meyerson Hall Room B1.
Afterwards please remember to stop by The ICA’s opening reception for Shelia Hicks: 50 Years lasting from
* 6:00 - 8:00pm.


University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Fine Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition, Opening March 23rd, 5pm

Please join the University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Fine Arts Class of 2011 for their Undergraduate Senior Thesis Exhibition. Artists featured in the exhibition include Li-Hsing Chen, Siede Coleman, Sarah Dekker, Rebecca Donald, Fay Fussell, Rachel Ivanhoe, Jeremy Maas, Stacey Toseland, and Greg Wall. The Class of 2011 has spent the past year preparing for this show which reflects a culmination of their work. The exhibition hosts a variety of media including painting, animation, sculpture, installation and text / digital media. It also presents a diverse array of content.

To learn more about the Thesis Exhibition, visit http://www.design.upenn.edu/fineartsthesis2011/index.html

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 23rd 5:00 - 7:00pm
Exhibition Dates: Wednesday, March 23rd - Thursday, April 21st

Charles Addams Fine Arts Gallery
University of Pennsylvania
200 South 36th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00pm, Saturdays upon request

MFA '11 & '12 Graduates Candidates in Group Exhibition at the Morgan Gallery, Opening March 22nd, 5:30pm

Several MFA '11 & '12 graduate candidates will be featured in a group exhibition titled, "Trembling: A Collaborative Ongoing Installation" in the Morgan Gallery, University of Pennsylvania. This ongoing collaborative installation takes place on behalf of graduate faculty Matt Freedman's Drawing Seminar. The seminar pauses in midstream for an evening of viewing and celebration. In the spirit of experimentation, the seminar and exhibiting artists invite you to explore this work amidst it's progress. The exhibition will be up and continuing to evolve until March 27th. Artists featured include Tra Bouscaren , Sarah Goffstein, Kelsey Halliday Johnson, Elina Malkin, Saori Moriizumi, Yoorim Park, Erik Reinholdz, Meredith Sellers, Woohyun Shim, Brett Wiemann and Mikey Winsor

Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 22nd 5:30 - 8:30pm
Exhibition Dates: March 22nd - March 27th (Visit the MFA Graduate Office for Appointment)

The Morgan Gallery
University of Pennsylvania
205 S. 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19104


Alexis Granwell (MFA '07) in Exhibition with Rick Lewis at MACAS, Opening March 5th, 6pm

Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space (MACAS) is pleased to present artwork by Philadelphia artist Alexis Granwell (MFA '07) and Brooklyn artist Rick Lewis. Utilizing a variety of techniques and media, including painting, print and wall-mounted assemblage, the artists demonstrate their connection to place. Their work is as much about the performance of making as it is about the paradoxical tension between their use of fragile materials and the strength of their designs. Granwell is inspired by the cycle of decay and renewal in the urban landscape. Using detritus from the city she assembles constructions that suggest new possibilities. Her prints incorporate the lines and patterns of topographical maps leading us to a visualization of a psychological geography. MACAS is a small artist-run exhibition space in the northwest of Philadelphia. The gallery’s program is focused on connecting artists and artist communities through exhibitions that pair artists from different regions.

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 5th, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Exhibition Dates: Saturday, March 5th - Saturday, April 2nd

25 West Mt. Airy Avenue
Philadelphia PA, 19119
Gallery Hours: Saturdays 1:00 - 4:00pm

Tetsugo Hyakutake (MFA '09) in Exhibition at Gallery 339, Opening March 8th

Gallery 339 is pleased to present "Ephemeral Existence", an exhibition by Tetsugo Hyakutake (MFA '09). In "Ephemeral Existence", Hyakutake explores the contradictions inherent in the Japanese landscape and how those contradictions offer clues to understanding Japan today. Hyakutake’s work focuses primarily on industry and the infrastructure of modern society (bridges, railroads, highways), through which he seeks to decipher recent Japanese history and culture. Hyakutake’s conflicted relationship with these sites comes across in his ambiguous images. The grandeur of the structures suggests his admiration for the role that industrialization played in making the Japan of today: a manufacturing superpower, the second largest economy in the world, a country rebuilt from the ashes of the Second World War. Yet the images are not robust celebrations of national pride. There is an uncertainty to these structures. They have an ephemeral quality, as if they might disperse in the night air—beautiful dreams rather than steel and concrete. Hyakutake’s industrial photographs are also more than cold documents; they are suffused with a surprising sense of humanity, evoking the lives and toil that stand behind these monuments. The industrial miracle of the post war era clearly returned Japan from defeat to a remarkable economic victory, but Hyakutake ponders whether the price was too high and the victory too fleeting.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 8th, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, March 8th - Saturday, May 7th

Gallery 339
NE corner of 21st & Pine Streets
Five Star Parking Garage is located between 20th and 21st Streets on Lombard Street

Edward Carey (MFA '09) in Group Exhibition with Philadelphia Sculptors at Urban Outfitters Headquarters, Opening, March15th, 5pm

Edward Carey (MFA '09) will be featured in a group exhibition with Philadelphia Sculptors at Urban Outfitters Headquarters. Philadelphia Sculptors is fortunate to be able to share in its new development with their upcoming exhibition, "The Journey", in one of URBN's renovated buildings that also houses a restaurant and coffee bar, both open to the public. Twelve artists will exhibit sculptures and installations in this historically renovated brick and glass building on the URBN campus. Featured artists include Tom Bendtsen, Edward Carey, Carol Cole, James Fuhrman, Melissa Haims, Daniel Hoffman, Kim Knauer, Tecu'Mish Munha'Ke, Joanna Platt, Colleen Rudolf, Libbie Soffer, and Carol Wisker will exhibit their works in the gallery space leading to the public restaurant. Using a wide range of materials and techniques, artists portray life's journeys as they offer glimpses of flying and walking, transient experiences and deep memories, beginnings and endings. Join them at the opening reception for art, for ambience, and of course, for refreshments. Please RSVP by March 14 to urbncommunity@urbn.com

Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 15th, 5:00 - 8:00pm
Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, March 15th - Friday, April 15th

Philadelphia Sculptors at Urban Outfitters Headquarters
Sculpture and Installations at Gallery at B543
5000 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19112

Justine Hill, Bradley LaMere and Jessica Vaughn (MFA '11 candidates) in Group Exhibition at Project Space 240 Church, Opening March 4th, 5pm

Justine Hill, Bradley LaMere and Jessica Vaughn (MFA '11 candidates) will be featured in a group exhibition titled, "Fire and Smoke" at Project Space 240 Church, Philadelphia. The exhibition will feature the latest works in painting, drawing, sculpture and performance by Hill, LaMere and Vaughn. The performance is scheduled for 7pm.

Opening Reception: Friday, March 4th, 5:00 - 9:00pm
Exhibition Dates: Friday, March 4th - Sunday, March 27th

Project Space 240 Church
Located between Market & Arch Street and 2nd & 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA


Tadashi Moriyama (MFA '06) featured at multiple venues for Art Fair NYC, Opening the 1st week of March

Tadashi Moriyama (MFA '06) will be featured at two venues for Art Fair NYC. His first exhibition will be held at ARTPROJX CINEMA at the SVA Theatre, New York. The exhibition is in association with The Armory Show & Volta NY. Tadashi will also have work featured at SCOPE ART SHOW.

in association with THE ARMORY SHOW & VOLTA NY
Exhibition Dates: March 1st - March 6th, 10:00am - Late
The SVA Theatre
333 West 23rd Street between 8th & 9th Avenues
New York, NY
(Represented by Johannson Projects Oakland, CA)

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 2nd, 3:00 - 9:00pm
320 West St (West Side Highway)
Across from Pier 40
New York, NY 10014
(Represented by Bonellia Arte Contemporanea Mantova, ITALY)

General Admission Fair Hours:
Thursday | March 3 | noon - 8pm
Friday | March 4 | noon - 8pm
Saturday | March 5 | noon - 8pm
Sunday | March 6 | noon - 7pm