Jayson Musson (MFA '11 candidate) interviewed in "Art in America"

Jayson Musson (MFA '11 candidate) was recently interviewed by Brian Boucher in "Art in America". Musson's alter-ego, Hennessey Youngman is the latest phenomenon to sweep the Internet. Musson / Youngman, the creator of "Art Thoughtz", who is black, styles himself in one of his videos as "the pimp of one-liners". He offers screamingly funny and sometimes sharply critical observations on the art world in the form of instructional videos. Topics range from the perils of copying Bruce Nauman ("You into torture? Shit, I'm into torture. Shit, you know what? Too bad. Bruce Nauman, he owns torture!"), to understanding relational esthetics, to how to be a successful artist. Over the last year, 10 videos have been posted, all in the same genre, some purportedly responding to requests and comments from viewers.

To view more of Musson's "Art in America" interview, visit http://www.artinamericamagazine.com/news-opinion/conversations/2011-03-24/hennessey-youngman-youtube/

Visit http://www.youtube.com/user/HennesyYoungman to catch the latest Hennessey footage.

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