Sarah Tortora (MFA ’13) Exhibiting in VOX VIII, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia

Sarah Tortora (MFA '13) will be exhibiting work in Vox Populi Gallery's eighth annual exhibition of emerging artists.  VOX VIII is curated by Ruba Katrib, curator at the Sculpture Center, New York, and Marlo Pascual, a New York based artist who has recently exhibited with White Columns and the Saatchi Gallery.  

VOX VIII is scheduled to open July 6th at 6pm. Twenty-three artists were selected for inclusion in the show, which will run until July 29.
Vox Populi Gallery 
319 N 11th. 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 
To view more of Sarah's work, please visit www.sarahtortora.com


Brian Zegeer (MFA '05) Participates in Museum of the Mother Colony Lecture and Screening in Battery Park, 7/29 at 8pm

Brian Zegeer  (MFA '05) will participate in Museum of the Mother Colony a lecture and screening dedicated to Ameen Rihani's, Book of Khalid, which tells the story of two Lebanese immigrants in the Little Syria community. Todd Fine, Director of Project Khalid (who is responsible for getting this amazing visionary, first Arab-American novel back into print) will give a short lecture about the book.  Zegeer will present two stereoscopic 3-d animations inspired by it. The new edition of Book of Khalid, published by Melvillehouse, will be for sale on location.

The lecture will begin at 8 pm in Battery Park, State Street and Pearl, mere steps away from the Staten Island Ferry (R to Whitehall) Map: http://goo.gl/maps/UZWZ

For the full Little Syria experience, stop by at 6pm for a free tour of the old neighborhood by Joe Svehlak, professional tour guide and L.S. expert. 

For more information on Brian, visit http://www.brianzegeer.com


Laine Godsey (MFA '13) and Toisha Tucker (MFA '13) Participate in Sound Places, Philadelphia

Laine Godsey (MFA '13) and Toisha Tucker (MFA '13) are participating in the virtual festival, Sound Places, as part of Bowerbird's contribution to the Commotion Festival in Philadelphia. Sound Places, which was curated by Chris Forsyth and Dustin Hurt, is a series of short audio pieces, each of which are directly related to or inspired by a specific location or area in the Point Breeze, Gray’s Ferry, and South of South Street neighborhoods of Philadelphia. 

More information and downloads can be found on the festival's website: 

To learn more about Toisha and Laine's work, please visit http://toishatucker.weebly.com and http://www.lainegodsey.daportfolio.com