MFA Awards 2007

Graduating Student Awards (MFA'07):
Faculty Award: Nathan Clark
Maurice Lowe Award: Su Yen Chae
Audrey Blumenfeld Award: Julia Landois
Angelo Savelli Award: Sarah Chetson
Lawrence Shprintz MFA Award: Catherine Betz
Charles Addams Prizes: Caroline Santa and Ivette Vallejo
Toby Devin Lewis Foundation Prize: Lissa Corona

Continuing Student Awards (MFA'08):
Piero Dorazio Award: Simon Slater
Stuart Egnal Award: Gianna Delluomo
Robert Engman Award: Leejin Kim
Lawrence Shprintz MFA Award: Travis Heck
Neil Welliver Award: Ivanco Talevski
Dedalus Foundation Nominees: Jamal Cyrus & Shanjana Mahmud



Collage/Montage Seminar with Professor Susana Jacobson

"Location-Locution: Projects from Collage/Montage"
Fox Gallery, Logan Hall
Work below (descending): J. Makary (MFA'08); a collaborative installation by Simon Slater (MFA'08), Cuyler Remick (MFA'08) and Travis Heck (MFA'08):

Alumni Update: Class of 2006

Hunter Stabler - Artist-in-Residence/Fellow at the Bemas Center for Contemporary Art
Nathan Wasserbauer - Working for Jeff Koons
Brent Wahl - Lecturer at Penn
Sinae Lee and John Woods - Professors at the Art Institute
Zackary Yorke - Fulbright Scholarship (his second)

More Seven: Sculpture Seminar with Professor Terry Adkins

Lower Gallery, Meyerson Hall
Work below (descending): Jamie Diamond (MFA'08), Monica Bodar (MFA'08) and Caroline Santa (MFA'07):

Fine Arts Integration: 2008 PennDesign Interdisciplinary Exhibition

In response to the university’s new mission of "Integrating Knowledge," the PennDesign Student Council has approved a new position for an "Interdisciplinary Coordinator" who will chair a committee of PennDesign students responsible for curating an exhibition featuring work from every PennDesign discipline. The proposal was initiated by MFA students and approved by the 2006-07 PDSC.

The Unspoken Borders Conference

As part of the two-day conference discussing minorities in the design profession, Kristen Gayle (MFA'07) invited and introduced performance artist Sherman Flemming for the Saturday afternoon Fine Arts Workshop.

Documentation for the conference was also provided by MFA photographers (keynote: Walter J. Hood, Jr.):


Seven with Professor Terry Adkins

Lower Gallery, Meyerson Hall
A collaborative installation by Travis Heck (MFA'08) and Simon Slater (MFA'08); and installation by Deb Hoy (MFA '08):


Professor Terry Adkins at Pageant Soloveev Gallery


Pageant : Soloveev is proud to announce the return of Terry Adkins to our space for his second solo exhibition. Opening April 27th at 8 pm with a performance by the artist, "Belted Bronze - Recital in Eight Dominions - Terry Adkins after Bessie Smith" will continue through June 18, 2007.


Pfister's Montage

MFA candidate Francesca Pfister (MFA '07)
Duhring Wing: Studio Seven
Thursday, April 12, 2007

Final Reviews Countdown: Eight Days


Support Our First Year MFAs Open Studio Sale

Open Studios April 27th 5-8pm University of Pennsylvania, Morgan Building 205 S. 34th St., Philadelphia, PA 19104

Work below by Warren Corlett: