To Labor With Love, a group show curated by Elisa Gabor (MFA '13) opens on Friday May 2nd at FJORD and features many current MFA's

To Labor With Love is a curatorial project and group exhibition focused on art works that indulge in or otherwise communicate their process in their presentation. The show is curated by recent graduate Elisa Gabor and will feature many current Penn students and staff, including:

Lydia Rosenberg (MFA '15)
Gordon Stillman (MFA '14)
Sam Mapp (MFA '14)
Micah Danges
Anthony Bowers (MFA '14)

Opening: Friday May 2nd, 6pm
Location: FJORD
2419 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia PA

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Sonic Measures performance at Second Site in The Print Center, Friday, April 18th at 6pm

Sonic Measures is a seminar course in sound that was designed by former Professor Terry Adkins. As an artist Professor Adkins was interested in exploring the limitations of sculpture and sound. This crossover made sound as visceral as sculpture and sculpture as ephemeral as sound. As a part of the programing for Second Site, the physical capabilities and sonic qualities of sound will be explored in a live performance of selected works from this course.

Second Site is an ongoing curatorial project within University Lecturer Matt Neff's solo show, Second Sight. 

The event will feature sound performances by:

Marie Alarcon (MFA '14), Edward Cohen,
Charles Hall (MFA '15), Daniel Haun (MFA '15),
Sam Horn, Martina Merlo, Paz Ortuzar (MFA '14),
Derek Rigby (MFA '15), and Evan Silverstein

Performance Time: Friday, April 18th, 6pm

Location: The Print Center
1614 Latimer Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

The class and performances are being run by UPenn Lecturer Marc Blumthal (MFA '10).