Brent Wahl (MFA '06) Exhibiting at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

Brent Wahl (MFA '06) is participating in a group exhibition, Remainder, at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center.  Remainder presents the work of Amy Beecher, Aspen Mays, Klea McKenna
and Brent Wahl. Remainder is a term residing within the language of art and science that implies the end of anequation. This translates well into both the photographyand broader art worlds as a metaphor for the processof creation. The exhibition presents a selection ofeach artist’s work that investigates the boundaries ofabstraction within photography and seeks to reveal the shifting connections between surface and image.

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April 19th- June 10th, 2012
Artist Reception: May 10th 7-9pm

For hours and details about the artists or PPAC, link to: Philadelphia Photo Arts Gallery
1400 N. American Street #103, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Brent Wahl (MFA '06) Selected to Participate in Group Exhibition at the Arcadia University Art Gallery

Brent Wahl (MFA '06) selected to participate in a group exhibition at the Arcadia University Art Gallery.  The show, titled A Closer Look 8, Alone Together, was curated by Adelina Vlas, the Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and exhibits the work of five artists: Dechemia (Isobel Sollenberger & John Gibbons), Sebastien Leclercq, Josh Shaddock, and Brent Wahl.

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A Closer Look 8, Alone Together
Arcadia University Art Gallery
Through April 22, 2012

Kate Stewart (MFA '03) Recently Exhibited at the Schmucker Gallery, Gettysburg College

This past month Kate Stewart (MFA '03) exhibited work at the Schmucker Gallery, at Gettysburg College.  The show, titled heaven, ran from March 18 to today, April 2012.  For more information about Kate Stewart, please visit her website at: http://katestewartart.com/home.html

Schmucker Gallery
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Thomas Isaac (MFA '06) in Solo Exhibition, ISAAC, at Georgia State University

Thomas Isaac (MFA '06) is be exhibiting at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, during the month of May.  The show, titled ISAAC, will include ISAAC's UNUMEXPLURIBUSUNUM, presented by DAEL lab.   ISAAC's UNUMEXPLURIBUSUNUM is a 7,680 by 720 pixels video wall, measuring approximately 6 feet high by 60 feet long.  In addition, Isaac will also be presenting a new animation painting, which will be on view for the entire month of the show, all night long, all night.  The painting's duration is 12 hours long.  There is a park nearby to view the piece.  Sleeping bags optional.  There is also this thing.

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On View: May 1- May 31
Georgia State University, Atlanta Georgia


Tra Bouscaren (MFA '12) Exhibiting in a Group Show at Home Base Project in Berlin

Tra Bouscaren (MFA '11) is participating in a group exhibition, Friction,  at Home Base Project in Berlin.  The show, which was curated by Loudwig van Ludens, is an interdisciplinary event organized around the interaction between artists, their work and the space.

The participating artists are, as follows:

Adar Aviam
Adrian Brun
Alina Shmukler
Alejandro Vaquero
Merav Steinmetz
Loudwig van Ludens
Lior Vilenchik
Thomas Henriksson
Heather Allen
Tra Bouscaren
Heather Ann McKee
Scottie B.
Stonedrifters Sound Brigade
Billie Pistol 27
Daniel Kula
Jennifer Morone
Ulrika Segerberg
Marcos Covelo/M8K8
Miriam Cartagena
Tomoyo Urabe
Minoru Ashikari
Michal Rivlin
Miguel Rosas
Shony Rivnay
Slawjana Kola
Arnon Amitai
Roberto Equisoain
Rotonda Teatro
Angela Cory
Nilo Gallego
Aurora Costilla
Denise Baldauf
Renee Lamothe
Marika Zaghis

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2012 MFA Candiate Tra Bouscaren and 2011 Alum John Schlesinger Exhibiting at the Annenberg Center for Perfoming Arts, in a Pilot Visual Arts Project Titled "Art in the House"

Tra Bouscaren (MFA '12) and John Schlesinger (MFA '11) are exhibiting a site specific installation at the Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, as part of a pilot visual arts project titled, Art in the House.  To read the full press release for the show, please visit: http://www.pennpresents.org/pdf/news/269.pdf.  For a write up of the show, please go to the Philadelphia Tribune's online new center: http://www.phillytrib.com/lifestylesarticles/item/3567-annenberg-exhibit-to-salute-visual-arts.html.

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Art in the House
On View: April 20th-June 30th, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, April 20th, 5-7:30PM


Amy Archambault (MFA '11) Featured in The Pulse Magazine's Recent Aritcle on Up & Coming Local Artists

Amy Archambault (MFA '11) is featured in the April edition of The Pulse Magazine, in a section titled "Up & Coming Local Artists."  The article, written by Tine Roycroft, covers how Amy began her career as an installation artist, in addition to the projects she is working on presently.  To read the article, please visit: http://www.thepulsemag.com/wordpress/2012/04/04-12-up-coming-local-artists.

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Alexis Granwell (MFA '07) Participating in Group Exhibition, Unbuilt, at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art

Alexis Granwell (MFA '07) is participating in Unbuilt, a group exhibition at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art.  The exhibit, curated by J Susan Isaacs, features artists who explore the intersection between construction, architecture, design, and sculpture. Utilizing ordinary building materials like cement, electrical tape and wire, plywood, drywall, PVC tubes, insulation, and fastenings, they are creating works that address issues related to the urban experience, rus in urbe, suburbia, consumption, liminality, memory and nostalgia, and states of reality.  The participating artists includeAlexis Granwell, Ron Longsdorf, Michael Jones McKean, and Yoonmi Nam.
For more information regarding Unbuilt, or Alexis Granwell, please visit

On View: Feb 17 Jun 10, 2012
Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts
200 South Madison Street | Wilmington, DE 19801 | 302.656.6466
Hours: Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat: 10 to 5 | Wed & Sun: 12 to 5 | Mon: Closed | Admission: Always Free

Alexis Granwell (MFA '07) is Participating in a Group Show, Titled Slow Release, at the Bryan Miller Gallery, Houston, TX

Alexis Granwell (MFA '07) is partcipating in a group exhibition at the Bryan Miller Gallery in Houston, Texas, with two other artists: Scott Everingham and Ken Millington.  The show, titled Slow Release, explores the visual ambiguity and overlap between natural landscape and the constructed.  Alexis Granwell's etchings evoke both topographic details from other-worldly landscapes and diagrams of ancient structures.

For more information about Slow Release, and about Alexis Granwell, please visit

Slow Release
On View: March 2nd-April 7th, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday March 2nd, 6-8 pm

Bryan Miller Gallery 
3907 Main Street
Houston, TX

Tadashi Moriyama (MFA '06) in Two Person Show at Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA

Tadashi Moriyama (MFA '06) is exhibiting with Robert Minervin, in a show titled Hymns to the Moon, which is scheduled to open at Johansson Projects, in Oakland, CA, on April 6th.  Hymns to the Moon, where sublime omens haunt everyday spaces, both of the landscape and of the imagination, features work in which both artists depict visions of a timeless future.

Moriyama's works swarm with details in their depiction of the last judgment for the digital age. Weeds, wires, blood and guts coil around classical sculpture, original sin and corporate headquarters. At the crux of his painted paranoia, viewers are struck with, surprisingly, an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Even amidst all the anxiety and desire, in the heat of the moment there is a great togetherness. His animations follow un-phased individuals reacquainting themselves with the new landscape we have cultivated. The combination of lunar energy and digital power leads them to a strange state of enlightenment. 

Minervini sheds light on the aftermath of some unnatural disaster, presenting it in all of its jaded beauty. His apathetic dystopias are drenched in the washed-out neon hues of Sunset strip. He paints lo-fi Vanitas that reek of expired mortality while retaining a California cool. There is a hallucinatory quality to the works; they bridge the ancient past with a dystopian future while seeming to hover above the present as if in a ghostly dream.

For more information about Hymns to the Moon, as well as about Tadashi Moriyama, please visit
website link : http://johanssonprojects.com/phpflickr/hymns_show.php

Hymns to the Moon
On View: March 22 - May 5, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday April 6th, 5-8pm

2300 Telegraphy Ave
Oakland, CA 94612


Amy Archambault (MFA '11) in Solo Exhibition at The Mill Gallery, Hartford, CT

Amy Archambault (MFA '11) is having a solo exhibition at The Mill Gallery, in Hartford Connecticut.  The show, which is scheduled to open April 13th, will feature recent drawings and installations by the artist.  For the opening, Amy Archambault has requested the musical accompaniment of Barbara Kessler. For information about the music of Barbara Kessler, please visit  http://www.barbarakessler.com/
For more information about Amy Archambault, please visit atwww.amyarchambault.com, or search for her on Facebook: Amy Archambault - Visual Artist.

Amy Archambault--Solo Exhibition
On View:  April 13th - April 28th, 2012
Opening Reception: April 13th, 2012, 8 p.m.
Gallery hours: By appointment only.
Contact Sarah Kacevich at sarah.kacevich@trincoll.edu

The Mill Gallery
Trinity College
Hartford, CT