Thomas Isaac (MFA '06) in Solo Exhibition, ISAAC, at Georgia State University

Thomas Isaac (MFA '06) is be exhibiting at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, during the month of May.  The show, titled ISAAC, will include ISAAC's UNUMEXPLURIBUSUNUM, presented by DAEL lab.   ISAAC's UNUMEXPLURIBUSUNUM is a 7,680 by 720 pixels video wall, measuring approximately 6 feet high by 60 feet long.  In addition, Isaac will also be presenting a new animation painting, which will be on view for the entire month of the show, all night long, all night.  The painting's duration is 12 hours long.  There is a park nearby to view the piece.  Sleeping bags optional.  There is also this thing.

For more information regarding Thomas Isaac and ISAAC, please visit

On View: May 1- May 31
Georgia State University, Atlanta Georgia

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