Laine Godsey (MFA '13) and Toisha Tucker (MFA '13) Participate in Sound Places, Philadelphia

Laine Godsey (MFA '13) and Toisha Tucker (MFA '13) are participating in the virtual festival, Sound Places, as part of Bowerbird's contribution to the Commotion Festival in Philadelphia. Sound Places, which was curated by Chris Forsyth and Dustin Hurt, is a series of short audio pieces, each of which are directly related to or inspired by a specific location or area in the Point Breeze, Gray’s Ferry, and South of South Street neighborhoods of Philadelphia. 

More information and downloads can be found on the festival's website: 

To learn more about Toisha and Laine's work, please visit http://toishatucker.weebly.com and http://www.lainegodsey.daportfolio.com

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