University of Pennsylvania Arts & Culture Survey

Penn is home to many arts and culture venues. In order to ensure that students are aware of the various arts and culture opportunities on Penn’s campus, a survey was developed to gauge their familiarity with different venues, as well as to find ways to improve the visibility and quality of arts and culture offerings. To gather this input, we conducted a survey of both undergraduate and graduate students. The objective of this survey was to determine the level of awareness of arts and culture venues on Penn’s campus, as well as gauge the interest in various arts and culture programs to determine if more opportunities for students should be developed.
--Robert L. Baer

The survey was conducted by an ad hoc committee comprised of members from the graduate and undergraduate student governments (GAPSA & UA), Alumni Relations, and the Provost's Office: Janice Bellace, Chair (Deputy Provost), Robert L. Baer (Director of Market Research & Analysis/Alumni Relations), Jane Anderson (Researcher/Alumni Relations), Scott Brodsky (GAPSA Policy Chair), Ryan Burg (GAPSA Pluralism Policy Council Chair), Paul Falzone (GAPSA Pluralism Policy Council), Elisabeth Lim (GAPSA Pluralism Policy Council), and Jason Karsh (UA Chair). View Results from the 2007 Arts & Culture Survey here

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