Jaime Treadwell (MFA '02) in group show at Opera Gallery, NYC, opening Oct. 17

(images from the show's catalog)

Jaime Treadwell is included in an exhibition entitled "Young Blood" that will be on view Oct. 17- Nov 10, 2008.

The catalog description of Jaime's work reads:
"These artists ... don't just offer a carefree opinion of the world surrounding them; they are also witnesses to its horrors and absurdities. In a more biting, critical vein, Jaime Treadwell accentuates the standardized aspects of the American way of life. On a backdrop of garish colors, he depicts wrestlers, beauty pageant queens, athletes, and tattooed majorettes. Taken out of context, these subjects seem quite ridiculous in their costumes, as if sterilized. From society to the stage, ... he willingly takes off on a tangent from childhood to offer a more mature parody of adulthood."

See more of Jaime's work at: http://www.jaimetreadwell.com
Visit the gallery website for information and address: www.operagallery.com

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