Marjorie Van Cura (MFA '02) reviewed in NY Arts Magazine

Marjorie Van Cura's work has been reviewed for the exhibition "Together Forever" in NY Arts Magazine (Jan/Feb 2009).

Jill Smith writes:

"...Marjorie Van Cura’s charming and skillfully-executed multi-media abstract works on panel explore the notion of “relationships with the other” through the formal concerns of organization, pattern, and biomorphic design. Working in unusual media such as galkyd and oil, or carbon and oil, she mounts these delicately- rendered rice paper-paintings on panel.

These exquisite images bring to mind organic forms such as the skeleton, the fossil, and the shell, objects that function as remnants of once-living forms. Her entrancing Untitled 0208, for instance, an Op-Art graphic composition depicting a gray vertebrae-like pattern bordered by undulating white lines atop
a field of shimmering silvers and periwinkles, carefully straddles the boundary between abstraction and representation.

Alluding to both the mimetic mode of the image in the age of digital reproduction as well as the most archaic of biomorphic forms, Van Cura’s repeating patterns and color relationships produce optical effects that as she describes, “create a visually intense, visceral experience.”

Read the full review: www.nyartsmagazine.com

See more of Marjorie's work: www.marjorievancura.com

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