Tetsugo Hyakutake (MFA '09) in exhibition at Gallery 339, Philadelphia; Opening Reception Jan. 23, 6-8pm

Extended Views: Tetsugo Hyakutake and Daniel Lobdell
Exhibiton Dates: Jan. 23- Mar.14, 2009
Opening Reception: Jan. 23 from 6-8pm

From the gallery's press release: "Gallery 339 is pleased to present an exhibition of recent panoramic landscape photography by Tetsugo Hyakutake and Daniel Lobdell. In Extended Views, both Hyakutake and Lobdell take advantage of the inherent narrative characteristics of the panoramic format to examine our historical and cultural interaction with the natural landscape. The exhibition also demonstrates the distinctly different artistic visions that Hyakutake and Lobdell bring to this similar pursuit....Panoramic photography offers the opportunity to consider more than just the moment; it literally moves us across time and space. As a viewer of a panoramic image, we do not see a picture, we traverse it."

To read the full press release and for more information see: www.gallery339.com
See more of Tetsugo's work: http://tetsugohyakutake.com/

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