Cecelia Post, Kurt Freyer, Nicolas McMahon, and Elizabeth Hoy (all MFA '09) highlighted in a review of our MFA show by Libby and Roberta of THEARTBLOG

(to read the post, click on image for bigger view)

Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof reviewed the Penn MFA exhibition at Crane Arts on their famed ARTBLOG website this week. They had a great take on the whole exhibition and highlighted four of their favorite graduating artists from the Penn MFA program.

To see the full artblog post on individual students from the end of the year shows go to: http://theartblog.org/2009/06/student-post-part-2/

For a synthesis of artblog's thoughts on end of the year shows at Philly colleges (including Penn) see: http://theartblog.org/2009/06/student-explosion-of-navel-gazing-survivalism-and-home-sweet-home/

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