Marc Blumthal (MFA '10) in exhibition, "Under Pressure," OPENING Aug. 28, 2009 at the ShiftSpace Gallery at Wichita State University

(Images of Marc's work from the exhibition)

From the gallery's press release:

"Under Pressure consists of a full range of approaches in print media, from the traditional to the experimental. Printmaking has a strong basis in tradition, both as a fine art medium, and as an essential area of technological innovation for the dissemination of text and images. Old approaches to printmaking have been challenged and enriched by the introduction of digital and photographic media, and by artists producing work that integrates print media with other approaches. These new uses and understandings of printmaking have re-defined the very notion of what a print is. The exhibition consists of MFA students and recently graduated MFA students that can add to this complex dialogue in printmaking, and who have a vision that reaches beyond traditional practices. Whether by presenting traditional processes in a new light, or by pushing the conceptual or technological limits of that which can be considered printmaking, work submitted addresses the printmaking tradition in new and innovative ways."

For more about the exhibition see: www.shiftspace.blogs.com

See more of Marc's work: http://marcedmundblumthal.blogspot.com/

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