Robert Dimin (MFA '11) Receives Arts & The City Year Arts Grant

MFA '11 Robert Dimin’s site-specific sculpture proposal selected for the Arts Grant by the University of Pennsylvania’s Provost Office Arts & the City Year Arts Grants Program

The University of Pennsylvania Provost’s office Arts & the City Year Arts Grants program has awarded MFA candidate 2011 Robert Dimin with the Arts Grant to complete his proposed public art project String Theory.

This project continues Robert Dimin’s staging of site-specific temporary sculpture over the past several years in Vienna, Greece, New York City, Princeton, and most recently Malibu, California.

For the String Theory project at Penn, Dimin will work with fellow students from the graduate and undergraduate programs in the School of Design and the School of Art and Sciences to assist him to intercept and circumvent trees, fences, and other permanent fixtures with over 30,000 feet of red and blue string in complex patterns.

The project will begin November 2, 2009, and extend through Homecoming Weekend at Penn (November 5-8).

For more information contact:
Jane Irish, Coordinator
MFA Department
University of Pennsylvania
205 S. 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


To see more of Robert's work, visit www.robertdimin.com

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