Matthew Ritchie (MFA Distinguished Senior Fellow) in Solo Exhibit at Andrea Rosen Gallery, October 23 - December 2

Matthew Ritchie (MFA Distinguished Senior Fellow) has a solo exhibition titled Line Shot as Andrea Rosen Gallery. Since Matthew exhibited The Universal Adversary at the gallery in 2006, his process of synthesizing and expressing complex systems and cosmologies to create new forms and explore new myths has increasingly expanded across disciplines and into collaborative projects with physicists, composers, writers, actors, architects and engineers, aimed at developing a group of visual and performance environments that can theoretically sustain not one but every possible representation of the universe.

Simultaneously, Matthew has been creating a uniquely dynamic digital world built from his drawings, which allows him to film inside this world using a vast bank of images and narratives to inform increasingly sophisticated videos which can then be deployed into these collaborations. One such example is Hypermusic, a collaboration with physicist Lisa Randall and composer Hector Parra at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, which makes his complex work more relevant and legible to multiple, broader communities and builds a potential description of the idea of creativity itself.

Various works will be exhibited in the gallery, including a series of large paintings that use gorgeous abstract iconography to describe the pure space of creation, Line Shot, a one hour animated feature film, with music and spoken text, Haruspex, a series of drawings made in collaboration with authors and The Dawn Line, a modular structure that is part of The Morning Line: a vast architectural, film and musical collaboration created with architects Aranda\Lasch and Arup AGU with commissioned music by Bryce Dessner & Evan Ziporyn, Lee Ranaldo, Thom Willems, Jon 'Jonsi' Birgisson and others, which will be traveling the world in 2009. The exhibition is being held in conjunction with The Long Count, part of the Next Wave Festival at Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, October 28, 30, and 31, 2009: a one hour work based on intertwined American creation myths, written and directed by Matthew Ritchie with music by Aaron & Bryce Dessner and featuring Matt Berniger, Kim & Kelley Deal and Shara Worden.

There will be an event during the opening reception as well as various events involving participants in these projects
to be held at the gallery during the exhibition.

Exhibition Dates: October 23 - December 2, 2009

Andrea Rosen Gallery
525 W 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

For more information and images please contact Renee Reyes at r.reyes@rosengallery.com

To see more of Matthew's work, visit www.matthewritchie.com

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