Cay Yoon (MFA '10) in Group Exhibition at Westside Gallery, NY, Opening August 7th, 5pm

Cay Yoon (MFA '10) will be featured in a group exhibition titled, Abstract Intentions. The exhibition is curated by David Gibson and Keren Moscovitch and will feature work by the SVA Summer Residency Program alumni. “Abstraction is a verb, an activity, an action,” says Moscovitch in elaborating on the exhibition’s title. “These artists all use their materials in new and unexpected ways and create tools out of substance. The camera no longer captures what exists in the world, but takes advantage of optic and chemical processes to fool the eye into seeing pattern where none previously existed. Paint jumps off the canvas and contorts itself into sculpture. Object becomes line. Form opens up into meaning that is understood on a deep visceral level.”

Co-curator Gibson explains: “This is an exhibition about the idiosyncrasies of studio practice, about going into an empty room and gestating a work of art−something that did not exist before, something inspired, possibly elegant and unintended, before the moment that a space for creativity was available. The studio acts like a blank page in a typewriter, creating a void into which ideas can flow. The fact that it is both spatial and tactile creates a psychological directness which encourages innovation. This occurred to me in considering how so many people could enter the same space and see completely different things. Everywhere else in the city we are at the mercy of our senses, overwhelmed by noise, people moving about, sounds, smells. But the artist has a special way of looking at the world, an indirect and ambiguous way, devoid of sensibleness, looking into dark corners. The studio makes this possible.”

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 7, 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Exhibition Dates: Saturday, August 7th - Saturday, 21th, 2010

Westside Gallery, School of Visual Arts
141 West 21st Street
New York, NY

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