Marc Blumthal (MFA '10) reviewed in the "Daily Serving Forum", September 21st

Marc Blumthal (MFA '10) has been reviewed by the Daily Serving Forum, an international forum for contemporary visual artists. Blumthal was selected among two artists for the organizations monthly "Fan Mail" submission. "Blumthal’s work is an investigation of individual and collective identity. His images, which reference the artist’s personal experiences as well as America’s history, address the nature of being human and the pressures of the past", writes the Daily Serving. Blumthal states that, “I’m inspired by shame and guilt. My interests lie in Identity…[my] work addresses my personal identity and my national identity.” Blumthal’s work subtely yet effectively sheds light on the shameful hypocrisy that is created when one’s actions are the antithesis of the “love” they preach. He has recently exhibited work at the "International Print Club of New York" and the "Leonard Pearlstein Gallery" in Philadelphia.

To view the Daily Serving Forum review, visit http://dailyserving.com/

To see more of Marc's work, visit http://marcedmundblumthal.blogspot.com/

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