Jenny Perlin (Lecturer) in Solo Exhibition at the NADA Art Fair in Miami Beach, Opening December 2nd

Jenny Perlin (Lecturer) will be featured in a Solo Exhibition at the NADA Art Fair in Miami Beach. Perlin will present "LEADS", a film from the Perlin Papers series (16mm, black-and-white, sound, 7:10, 2009) and new drawings inspired by the film. Perlin locates her practice in an archeological space of sifting and discovery; that which film, video, drawing, and photography are useful media in which to present a range of ideas. She works with fragments, detritus, speculation, failures and afterthoughts. Since 1991, Perlin has made over 20 films and videos. Some are live-action, seemingly conforming to a conventional model of documentary filmmaking, and some are stop-motion animations, which she also thinks of as `documentaries´. In each aspect of Perlin's practice, she takes a close look at the ways in which social machinations are reflected in the smallest aspects of daily life. Whether it is copying a receipt from Wal-Mart, a headline from Reuters, or filming documentary-style interviews at the corner store, her interest is in the ways in which the sweeping statements of `History´ affect specific details of human experience.

Exhibition Dates: December 2nd - December 5th, 2010

NADA Art Fair
Galerie M + R Fricke
Booth #708, Richelieu-Room

To see more of Perlin's work, visit http://www.nilrep.net/

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