Jayson Scott Musson (MFA '11 candidate) featured on "ArtBlog Radio"

Jayson Scott Musson (MFA '11 candidate) was recently interviewed by "ArtBlog Radio". Profanity and insults are just distractions in Jayson Scott Musson’s posters, screeds and rants. The real message is the human comedy of rules, categories, identities, stereotypes, pretensions and social classes. In the "ArtBlog Radio" interview, Musson talks about trying to solve his problems as an artist and as an equal opportunity irritant to the politically correct. Jayson Musson currently has a solo show of his work at Marginal Utility February 4th - March 27th, 2011.

To view this feature, visit http://theartblog.org/2011/02/the-real-jayson-scott-musson-speaks-on-artblog-radio/

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