Marjorie Van Cura (MFA '02) interviewed by Peter Gynd Medley of Northside Open Studios

In the Studio: With Majorie Van Cura
By Peter Gynd Medley
posted May 7, 2011

This week I visited with Greenpoint artist Marjorie Van Cura.
Van Cura’s work is born of experience; her father a computer programmer at a genetic research lab, Van Cura’s work is informed by her personal experiences and reflections on genetic hybridization. Dealing directly with building personally relevant icons through appropriated imagery, her work bypasses the narrative, focusing instead on the subconscious processing of ideas.

Marjorie’s paintings begin with a Google image search. She searches for photos illustrative of both her experiences and the subconscious of an experience. The images are then digitally collaged together forming a hybridized human/animal/mechanical icon.

Reflective of genetic exploration, these icons undergo a series of changes through their generational reproduction. Referring to this as the “generation of a generation”, Marjorie hand traces these forms repeatedly to her final surface, the icon changing or evolving slightly with every successive transfer. This process produces paintings which upon first glance appear as perfectly balanced and symmetrical compositions of repeating forms. Upon closer inspection though, Van Cura’s paintings slowly reveal the subtle variations of the process.

Referencing Op Art and Surrealism, the works are pattern and color based, meant to be disorientating, but not completely overwhelming. The imagery of the icons reflective of the hybridization of contemporary culture and as Van Cura puts it, “a way to process the world and events without being overly political.”

To view more of Marjorie's work, visit www.marjorievancura.com.

Northside Open Studios: June 16th - 19th
* Note: Marjorie Van Cura will be in studio on Sunday only, June 19th from 12:00 - 6:00pm.

Majorie's Studio Location
255 Calyer Street
(@ corner of Newel)
Second Floor
Greenpoint Brooklyn

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