Julia Barbosa Landois (MFA '07) Exhibition at Box 13 ArtSpace, Houston

Landois' (MFA '07) installation, The more you honor Me, the more will I bless you, is inspired by the practice of slipping photographs and notes beneath the feet of sacred statues as a plea for assistance.  The installation centers on a pedestal topped by a teetering column of paper ephemera that threatens to grow beyond the confines of the exhibition space. At the apex, barely visible, are the feet of a saint or deity, pushed by the tower through the ceiling and beyond.  The more you honor Me, the more will I bless you is an ode to solace sought by ritual exchange, a gesture of control when control eludes us.  The piece is on view from the street 24 hours a day in Box 13's Window Box space.  
The more you honor Me, the more I will bless you
7.14.12 -- 8.18.12
Opening reception 7.14.12, 7-9:30 pm
Box 13 ArtSpace
 6700 Harrisburg
 Houston, TX 77011
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