Laine Godsey (MFA '13), Scotty Menesini (MFA '14), and Scout Segotta (MFA '13) Conditional Reflex Exhibition

Image courtesy of Dan Oliva
Laine Godsey (MFA '13), Scotty Menesini (MFA '14), and Scout Segotta (MFA '13) will present new work in their group exhibition Conditional Reflex

The exhibition takes its name from the psychological manipulations and character modifications governed by stimuli. The thin end of the wedge. A full apparatus of totalitarianism. When one cannot choose one ceases to be. In the pursuit of knowing oneself we have a conditioned response that subconsciously anticipates the occurrence of an aversive stimulus. Laws and conditions appropriate to a mechanical creation.

The show will take place in the Physical Lab of the Morgan Building located on the UPenn campus.  Conditional Reflex opens 11.30.12 at 5:30 p.m.

Physical Lab
Morgan Building
205 S. 34th St.
Philadelphia, PA

For more information on Godsey and Menesini  please visit lainegodsey.net, and scottymenesini.com.

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