Martha Rich (MFA '11) Exhibits at Space 1026, Philly

Martha Rich
Martha Rich (MFA '11) will present new work with Keith Warren Greiman in Nothing is Rather Do.  Since receiving her MFA, Rich has been eavesdropping and collecting words and using them in her paintings. “My art is about what cracks me up and what disturbs me or what is absurd or what is at hand. Social acceptance? No. Self-acceptance? Yes. It’s a lesson in the ridiculous.”

Rich work uses collaged People magazine parts, paints on rejected CMYK screen prints of a rejected painting done years ago, includes silhouettes of friends and strangers and many of the eavesdropped conversations she has collected over the years to create an absurd narrative of life in the modern city.

Nothing is Rather Do opens 04.05.13. 

 Space 1026
1026 Arch Street 2nd Floor

Please visit space1026.com for more info.

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