Adhocracy Featuring Orkan Telhan at New Museum

Adhocracy brings together an international group of designers, practitioners, networks, and platforms responding to epochal changes and questioning the very definition of design. 

The exhibition explores a new direction in contemporary design through twenty-five projects—presented through artifacts, objects, and films. In the place of standardized, industrialized perfection, the exhibition embraces imperfection as evidence of an emerging force of identity, individuality, and nonlinearity in design. As design welcomes the new technologies of the information age, the field itself is being reshaped. Some have built their practice around the collaborative ideology of the open source movement; others explore the opportunities opened up by new low-cost fabrication technologies. Some are exploring new economic models of production; others are challenging the established hierarchies between designers and end-users.

Curated by Joseph Grima, Editor of DOMUS magazine, Adhocracy was originally organized by Grima and IKSV for the 2012 Istanbul Design Biennial. Grima has adapted his original exhibition for New York and the New Museum and opens as part of the second biennial IDEAS CITY Festival in downtown Manhattan from May 1–4, 2013.

New Museum
235 Bowery

For more info, please visit Adhocracy

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