Demetrius Oliver (MFA '04) in "11 Dimensions" at Louis B. James in NY

Louis B. James announces the opening of 11 Dimensions, a collaborative exhibition featuring works by Titus Kaphar, Wardell Milan, and Demetrius Oliver.  The installation will mark the third time that the artists have juxtaposed their work beginning with their 2006 residency at the Studio Museum in Harlem. 

In this age where quantum physics plays an increasingly prominent role and theoretical mathematicians posit seemingly incomprehensible proofs of alternate dimensions, the three artists use the simple tools of their respective trades to create images and objects that feel paradoxically justified by the logic of some unknown dimension. The eleven recent works by Kaphar, Milan, and Oliver seek to explore the complexity and pliability of time in ways that upend our understanding of history and speak to the implausible through the poetic use of diverse materials.
In Oliver’s prints and sculptures, the terrestrial becomes cosmic, forcing us to reckon with the inability to depict the infinite through finite means. Relying on the prosaic and quotidian, materials are transformed in unexpected ways to describe distant phenomena. Using photography, painting and sculpture, all three artists collectively imagine a complex world where time and space are malleable.
During their year-long residency at the Studio Museum, the artists developed a strong friendship as a result of an unexpected synergy between their artistic pursuits. After their residency, they relocated to a shared studio in Chelsea, where they continued their exchange, inspired and challenged by each other.

Louis B. James is located at 143b Orchard St, NY.  
For more information please email info@louisbjames.com or call 917 593 4086.

Opening Reception: Friday June 7, 6-8pm

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