Brian Zegeer (MFA '05) shown at Jakie Klempay in Brooklyn, NY

Artist Brian Zegeer was in a showing of the Torch Cinema series at Jakie Klempay this last Thursday night, July 11th. 

The screening culminated with an improvised video and sound performance by Brian and his art-partner, Baby Copperhead. In their artwork of the same title, they used an expansive repository of video clips, stop motion animations, sound recordings and circuit-bent instruments to riff on the 1959 Robert Frank/Alfred Leslie film, Pull My Daisy.

The Torch Cinema series is an ongoing project exploring what we watch and how we watch it, as organized by Michael Perrone (MFA '04). There was also said to be barbecue at the event.

Jakie Klempay
81 Central Ave (1A)
Brooklyn, NY 11206

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