Tiger Strikes Astroid, Bushwick presents 'Passage' a collection of paintings by Andrew Prayzner (MFA '05)

Jefferson, oil on canvas, 16"x20".
The paintings in Passage begin with text and gestures that are collected from conversations, notes, choreography and subconscious physical movement such as tapping, shaking, flicking and are drawn with tape into the substrate of the painting. Then, images taken from random photographic sources are painted over the layer. The tape is removed and the images are “interrupted” or “cancelled” by text and gestures, building competing systems of signs that renders different interpretations of the painting. Documenting the process of making modes of representation and abstraction visible to the eye, and referring to the dictionary definition of the word, Passage is a passing of time, an opening through a space, a notation of a text, or in the Cubist sense, a technique to break up spatial relationships in painting.

Opening: September 7, 7-10
On View: September 7 - October 13

TSA, Bushwick location
44 Stewart Ave, #49
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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