Kelsey Halliday Johnson (MFA '12) is exhibiting in DUE NORTH, opening at the Icebox tonight 1/9

Kelsey Halliday Johnson has helped to organize a collaborative exhibition featuring American and Icelandic artists. The show opens at Icebox this evening and continues through January. 

“North” is a space upon which we project our desire for raw wilderness, for solitude, and the terrifying beauty of the sublime. Both real and imagined, Iceland, from an outsider’s perspective is viewed as exotic, treacherous, mythical and supernatural. In wintertime, darkness and brutal winds prevail; there is a turning inwards as one battles the elements. As foreigners, travelling together in February 2013, we both viscerally and physically explored Iceland’s unforgiving landscape and its inherent narratives.

Taking cues from our Nordic counterparts, participants opened themselves to qualities found at the very heart of Icelandic art making: a wild independence, reverence for untamed nature, ancient and intimate links to the sea, a sense of mystery and unquiet stillness in everyday life, and paradoxical qualities of the land (black and white; fire and ice).

Shaped daily by an elemental landscape in flux, Icelandic artists embody and channel the energies of the land. As travelers, we allowed this geology to reshape the terra incognita of our imaginations, a journey of the mind and heart.

Opening: Jan 9th, 6-9pm
On View: Jan 9th - 24th

Icebox Project Space
1400 N. American St
Philadelphia, PA


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