Natessa Amin (MFA'15) curates show at FJORD in Philadelphia with current and past UPenn MFA students! - OPENS this Friday, Oct 3 7-10pm

Blind Handshake
Curated by Natessa Amin

FJORD is pleased to present Blind Handshake, featuring the work of Jennifer Berman, Anthony Bowers, Liam Thomas Holding, Amalia Wilson, Tara White.
Sometimes you are so serious and entrenched in what you are talking about that you don’t even realize that what you are saying is actually funny––or crazy. And you are so invested in what you do, because it is your life, and it is really hard to get perspective on something that is so close to you. But your work gives you some kind of perspective, and provides punctums that reveal something amazing or unexpected. Something you can’t convey with words, a blind spot in speech. 

Humor can enter the work so many ways and engage or pass the viewer. A missed connection or a moment of recognition, enjoyable either way. Humor is articulate speechlessness. It can open a closed way of thinking. It can be light or subversive, it can be the only thread of communication between two opposing positions.

Blind Handshake is a meeting [departure] ….between artists that explore the humorous possibilities of marks, gestures, actions, and narratives….. where you are unsure what will happen. Sometimes the interactions will be humorous right away, other times they will be serious or sad, but hopefully you can look back on them with a sense of humor.

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