Keenan Bennett and Rich Hogan (both MFA '16) @ New Boon(e) Friday 2/5


This February 5th, New Boon(e) will open it’s doors for Lady In The Water II: Maiden Voyage, an exhibition & collaboration by artists Keenan Bennet & Richard HoganLady In The Water II: Maiden Voyage is the latest iteration of an ongoing collaboration between artists Keenan Bennett and Rich Hogan. Building on a previous collaborative exhibition inspired by the 2006 M. Night Shyamalan cinematic flop, Lady in the Water and plot-twisting Arthurian character lady in the lake, these artists take on legacy, expectation, hubris, and possibility in a variety of media.
Lady In The Water II: Maiden Voyage is comprised of kinetic sculpture, video, photography, and drawings that create an uncanny space, that is both family-freindly and a tad gross.
The exhibition will open for First Friday, February 5th from 7-10pm

Gallery Hours:
Saturday, Feb 6th from 12-3pm
Sunday, Feb 7th from 12-3pm

Weekend Events:

Candying Making Workshop via Experimental Pedagogical Community Building
Saturday, Feb 6th from 1-2pm

Artist Talk by Gee Wesley, Spiegel Wilks Curatorial Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Art.
Sunday, Feb 7th 1pm

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