VIA Book Launch

Thursday, September 18, 7-10pm
MeyersonHall School of Design
210 S 34th Street

Friday, September 19, 6-8pm
Hines Gallery Center For Architecture 534 Laguardia Place
New York

"Occupation" is the first major new volume published by via (winner of the 2008 AIA Student Journalism Award). It studies the macro- and micro-scales that inform how we read, claim, and intervene in our evolving territories. It maps contemporary discourse and investigates the relationship between individual or collective identities, the tensions in definition and space-claiming, and the potentials for the space in between. These relationships are broken into 'novellas'—terra nullius, annex, colony, and body—that separate content into territorial categories, though not reducible to scale or time. Content is political at one end—questioning the roles of designer and occupant—and sensitive on the other end—acknowledging our use of space as one of borrowing.

Contributors include Deb Hoy (MFA '08), Francesca Pfister (MFA '07) and others.


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