Establish a file to store all of your recommendations through Penn's credential systems:http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/careerservices/credentials/credentials.html

You often need letters of recommendation when you apply for fellowships, grants or jobs. You may establish a file of letters of recommendation which will be permanently stored by Career Services. You may have these mailed whenever you need to provide letters of recommendation. Your letters will always be available on short notice and you will not have to ask the same person to write letters for you again and again.


TEACHING CERTIFICATE FOR PENN MFASIf you've worked as a Teaching Assistant for two semesters, you're less than four steps from getting a Teaching Certificate from Penn's Center for Teaching and Learning. These are the requirements:

1. TA for two semesters
2. Take a few workshops (about an hour each; take during your coffee break)http://www.ctl.sas.upenn.edu/grad/grad_workshops.html
3. Write a teaching philosophy
4. Have a CTL staff observe one class

And you're done: http://www.ctl.sas.upenn.edu/grad/certificate.html
Contact Bruce Lenthall for more info lenthall[at]sas.upenn.edu(This is available to doctoral students and MFAs -- those pursuing a terminal degree.)


CONCERNED ABOUT TAKING AN ELECTIVE OUTSIDE OF PENNDESIGN?Check out Penn's course and instructor ratings for that elective
(click on a category in the "Browse Courses" section on the left):http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/coursereview/
While this electronic publication lists mostly professors and courses from the undergraduate program, many graduate professors are listed as well (almost all of our MFA professors are listed).

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