Brian Zegeer (MFA '05) in solo exhibition at Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn...CLOSING reception Sun., March 22, 7-10pm

Kral Majales (King of May) Brian Zegeer

Exhibition Dates: March 13 - March 22, 2009
Closing Reception: Sunday, March 22nd, 7-10pm in conjunction with a music event curated by Baby Copperhead.

Vaudeville Park
26 Bushwick Ave (L to Graham Ave)
Brooklyn , NY

Kral Majales
refers to the honorary title given to Allen Ginberg on a visit to Prague in 1965. This term serves as title for a stop-motion animation and sculptural installation inspired by a period in which I squatted in the former apartment of Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky. My tentative relationship to the living space, due to my anticipated eviction and the experience of being in close quarters with the artifacts of such public figures, invests the work with a nomadic character--sculptural investigations ready to be scuttled, wire arrangements in suspension. The exhibition’s works are renderings of domestic life through the cracked lens of misappropriated fame, household objects invested with aura because of some arbitrary textual accreditation or appearance in a well-known photograph. This record of domestic life plugs in to a larger, mythic narrative, which is amplified by research into the lives of Ginsberg and his circle.

The installation also follows my interest in the languages of magical practice, by way of Harry Smith, another long-term resident of the space, and Ginsberg’s other notable peers, such as William Burrough’s and Brian Gysin. Several of the sculptures in Kral Majales are transcriptions of Smith’s installations and paintings that were created in the apartment, as well as Burroughs and Gysin’s Paris investigations into scrying (or mirror gazing), textual “cut-ups”, and image projections onto bodies.

Kral Majales
will have a closing reception in conjunction with a music event curated by Baby Copperhead on Sunday, March 22nd, 7-10pm.

Vaudville Park was started by Ian Colletti as an event space catering to artists and performance groups in the Williamsburg and Bushwick neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Open to collaborative and cross-disciplinary experimentation, Vaudville Park welcomes proposals for actions that trample on the conventional distinctions between artistic disciplines, styles, between the performer and audience, body and mind, hem and haw, pot and kettle, etc.

Vaudville Park weekday hours by appointment only. Email ianm.colletti@gmail.com or call 917-470-4755 to make an appointment.

For more info: www.vaudevillepark.com
See Brian's work: www.brianzegeer.com

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