LECTURE: Barkley Hendricks...Wed, Mar. 18th at 5PM in the Upper Meyerson Gallery

Barkley Hendricks

Thurs., March 18th at 5:00 PM

Upper Meyerson Gallery
Meyerson Hall
Univ. of Pennsylvania, School of Design
210 South 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Born in 1945, a Philadelphia native, Barkley Hendricks is best known for life-size paintings of African Americans depicted against flat backgrounds of silver or copper leaf. His subjects are usually ordinary people he encounters on the streets and then photographs. The results are empowering portrayals of individuals who seem at once vulnerable and confident. Working within a tradition of American realism, Hendricks imbues his portraits with the coolness of pop art and posters, and these works have influenced numerous younger painters who work within the tradition of black figuration.

Hendricks is a recent recipient of The United States Artist Ford Fellowship in the Visual Arts. His first career retrospective; Barkley Hendricks: Birth of Cool which is currently at the Studio Museum in Harlem will be traveling to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in the Fall of 2010.


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