Jayson Musson (MFA Candidate '11) in Group Exhibition at Grimmuseum, Germany, Opening October 21st, 7pm

Jayson Musson will be part of the group exhibition titled "SYNCOPATION" at the Grimmuseum in Berlin, Germany. The Grimmuseum will host D12, a series of six alter ego shows. D12 is a rap collective of local Detroit MC's (Eminem, Bizzare, Proof a.o) formed in 1996 in the vein of the Wu Tang Clan. Unable to find twelve members, initiator Proof asked the six members of the group to each create an alter ego. Following the concept of the original D12 group in Detroit, the artist Despina Stokou invited six art professionals, among them a gallery director, an art critic, an art editor, a collector, a curator and an artist to present their creative alter ego. Francesca Gavin presents "SYNCOPATION" in featuring artists Cory Arcangel & Frankie Martin, Oliver Laric, Paolo Chiasera & DJ Shablo, Ajit Chauhan, Mark Titchner, Jayson Scott Musson, Jeremy Shaw, Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski, and Matt Stokes. "SYNCOPATION" brings together work that explores the intersection between art and music. The aim is to demonstrate how artists are inspired and interpret sound and music in sculpture, installation, video, photographic and performance works. The show touches on how the spiritual aspect of music – from Sufism and whirling dervishes to Hindu devotional Bhajans to the Jewish cantors – manifests in the very modern forms of raves, subcultures and other musical tribalism.

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 21st, 7:00pm
Exhibition Dates: Thursday, October 21st - Saturday, October 31st

Fitsche Strasse 2
10967, Berlin, Germany
Gallery Hours: Daily 2:00 - 7:00pm

To see more of Jayson's work, visit http://www.jaysonmusson.com/welcomemat.html

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