Pernot Hudson (MFA '06) in Two-Person Show at Fowler Arts Collective, opening Fri. Nov 5

Pernot Hudson (MFA '06) will exhibit work in a two-person show at the Fowler Arts Collective in Brooklyn. The show is titled soft bigotry for a mercy killing (in two preludes) and is comprised of work by Pernot and Johnny Woods.

The exhibition is a multi-media exploration of the possibilities and impossibilities of perceptual accountability, and includes paintings, sculptural installation, video, and sound. Conceived of as a factual recounting and reaction to past events, soft bigotry for a mercy killing demonstrates the difficulty in separating fact and one’s emotional attachment. In the artist’s written document of this character’s recounting, it is clear that a traumatic event has taken place, but the reader is unable to define what has actually occurred. This presentation defies a strictly linear documentation of events or understanding as it is still unclear as to the extent to which what is displayed is a personal documentation of current happenings as understood, hence an historical account, or means by which one attempts to reenact for the sake of understanding. The distancing language and academic vocabulary point to a striking vulnerability that is at the heart of these works. An excerpt of the writing is as follows:

Recounting recent events … Currently, this work presents the beginning stages of cognizance and various degrees of personal acceptance or rejections of these current states entirely beyond control. While the impetus is not solely for the purpose of fulfilling a reactionary or deliberate gesture for the sake of a specific situation or event, it is due to a disconnect between person and surrounding from an observer’s point of view. These are preludes of awareness and control (however disillusioned).

The artists have created an immersive exhibition that will transform the gallery space at Fowler. Pernot Hudson will also have a concurrent exhibition opening November 12th, 2010 at the UCAL in Philadelphia, PA. Visit UCAL’s website for more information on that show: www.ucartsleague.org

Opening Reception: Friday, November 5th, 6-10pm
Exhibition Dates: November 5 - December 5, 2010

Fowler Arts Collective
67 West Street 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY


To see more of Pernot's work, visit www.pernothudson.com

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