Amy Archambault (MFA '11 candidate) receives the Christopher Leland Lyon Memorial Scholarship on behalf of Penn Design

Amy Archambault (MFA '11 candidate) has received the Christopher Leland Lyon Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship supports an annual prize in the School of Design for an MFA student in memory of Christopher Leland Lyon (MFA '99). Amy Archambault is in the process of completing the final year of her MFA degree. Her early paintings were grounded in architectural references to urban landscapes both constructed and decrepit. Her artistic evolution reveals interests in the physical presence within the spaces that she previously investigated and rendered. This work draws references to architecture and design, her passion for athletic practice, and the human body. In addition, Archambault has been nominated along side Jessica Vaughn (MFA '11 candidate) for the Joan Mitchell award.

To learn more about the Christopher Lyon Memorial Scholarship, visit http://www.chrislyontribute.com/

To see more of Amy's work, visit http://www.amyarchambault.com/

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