Penn Alumni in Group Exhibition at Jolie Laide, Opening December 16th, 6pm

Several Penn alumni will be featured in a group exhibition, "Tri-State Show", at Jolie Laide, Philadelphia. "Tri-State" celebrates the increasingly dynamic, decentralized universe of art production and exhibition. Today’s artists live wherever they wish, and exhibit all over; pop-up shows appear in a warehouse and disappear within a week. Jolie Laide is proud to consider a new tri-state area to close out 2010 and usher in a new year: Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. By gathering together artists from these fair cities, we stand for inclusiveness over regionalism, interconnectedness over provincial independence. One could seek to make generalizations about the art being made in each of the three cities in this exhibit, but that may not be the most interesting or enlightening approach. Today’s Chicago sculptor may be living in New York tomorrow, while the painter who used to live in New York has moved to Philadelphia. Instead, why not contemplate the connections among artists from different cities, and the distinctions among those from the same location. Art is not concerned with boundaries except to dissolve them. Art, at its best, is an open- source code, with ideas freely available to be played with and reshaped by the curious mind.

Artists featured include Marc Blumthal (MFA '10), Piper Brett, Tom Costa, Alex Da Corte, Jamie Diamond (MFA '08), the Dufala Brothers, Austin Eddy, Susan Fang (MFA '10), Jacob Feige, Jeff Fichera, Daniel Gerwin, James Gillispie, Jacob Goudreault, Jordan Graw, Jordan Griska (BFA '09), Robert Horvath, Easton Miller, Scott Reeder, Tyson Reeder, Max Reinhardt, Peter Schenck, Simon Slater, Christina Sucgang, and Tara White

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 16th, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Exhibition Dates: December 16th, 2010 - January 22nd, 2011
* After Party at Yakitori Boy (11th & Race St)

Jolie Laide
224 N. Juniper St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Gallery Hours
Tuesday - Saturday 10AM - 6PM

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