Thomas Isaac (MFA '06) Building Collaborative Domicile Near Navajo National Monument, Navajo, AZ

Photo courtesy of Thomas Isaac
Looking for a way to pay homage to his Navajo roots, Thomas Isaac, (MFA '06), in collaboration with Brooklyn-based design collaborative, XLXS, has decided to build a shelter that responds to the traditional Navajo architecture of the Hogan.

He intends to make a domicile for local artists to share and collaborate and visitors to appreciate. Having grown up on the Navajo Nation, Isaac believes that this type of unique dwelling for the community is exactly what is needed to conserve and celebrate the local artists and cultural beauty the people have to offer.

Isaac has acquired a one-acre piece of land located just 10 minutes from the Navajo National Monument that attracts many tourists.  He would like the shelter to be an open gathering place for visitors as well as locals.

Completion of this all-volunteer project is dependent on funding.  For more information or to donate please visit shelter or www.isaaccaasi.com.

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