UPenn Graduate Lecturer Matt Freedman Exhibits at Studio 10, Brooklyn

Mike Ballou, 2012
Studio 10 presents The Holiday Show, an exhibition of work by UPenn Graduate Lecturer Matt Freedman and Mike Ballou. 

At this, the darkest time of year, Studio 10 has transformed to become a holiday grotto illuminated only by the silver half-light of stars on glittering treasure boxes. Creatures of questionable birth wander over the snow drifted floors and mysterious mumblings and squeaks come from all corners. Sharpen your senses. You tread on dreams.

The Holiday Show is on view from 12.20.12 -- 12.30.12.
Studio 10
56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY

For more info, please visit studio10bogart.com and mattfreedman.org.

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