Demetrius Oliver's (MFA '04) Terrestrial at Franklin Art Works, Minneapolis

Demetrius Oliver, 2013

Demetrius Oliver
The New York artist will premier a video installation influenced by unmanned vehicles that explore the surface of distant worlds. The video Terrestrial takes place in a residential apartment. Scattered on the floor are quotidian materials extracted from the artist's lexicon that surveys the lower regions of space. Designed with special entrance doors to the Screening Room, two sculptural works accompany the single channel video.
Oliver uses prosaic objects like tea kettles, light bulbs and umbrellas to evoke poetic associations between physical materials and abstract ideas.  Both introspective and transformative, Oliver's practice investigates the cosmos from the vantage point of the artist's studio and the space of the gallery.
Terrestrial remain on view through Saturday, July 27, 2013.
Franklin Art Works
1021 East Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 
For more info, visit demetriusoliver.blogspot.com


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