Naomi Reis (MFA '05): Unnatural Selection at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Brooklyn

Naomi Reis, 2013
TSA is pleased to present: Naomi Reis: Unnatural Selection

Unnatural Selection investigates nature and its representation: How have humans conquered and organized nature, both to understand it scientifically, and to use it strategically?

The exhibition opens on Borrowed Landscape (Tropics of Africa, Asia and the Amazon via Brooklyn), a large-scale vinyl print of a photograph taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It captures the spectacle of a simulated rainforest contained within a glass dome; we know that it is an artificial environment, yet we suspend disbelief and for a moment are transported to a distant tropical rainforest, a place very few of us will visit in person. Together with mixed media collages, paintings, live and artificial plants, and botanical drawings that reference 19th-century scientific drawings in specimen trays, Unnatural Selection explores the pressure points where the natural world and the manufactured collide.

Unnatural Selection runs 05.17 -- 06.23.13.  
An opening reception will be held Friday, 05.17, 7-10 pm.

44 Stewart Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11237


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