Nathan Wasserbauer (MFA '06) to open inaugural show at BRIC House in NYC

Wasserbauer builds a home from a dome.
The show, curated by Elizabeth Ferrer, explores the idea of “home” as a flexible, variable concept revealed in a myriad of ways, and influenced by an individual’s history and personal accumulation of places. At its most intimate, home is literally where the heart is; it is the memories and feeling of intimacy we each carry of our own, individual sense of home. It also refers to the domestic sphere, the places we live, the things that surround us, the material objects that become physical markers of home. On the social sphere, home is our neighborhood, the urban and social fabric. In the broadest, universal and most poetic sense, home is the cosmos and the sphere of the unknowable. 
Opening: Wed, Oct 9 from 7-9pm
On view: Oct 9 - Dec 15

BRIC House
647 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY
More information here.

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