Alumnus Daniel Oliva (MFA '13) and Current Faculty Brent Wahl (MFA '06), Andrea Hornick, and Joshua Weiss are all participating in North by Northwest

Mount Airy Contemporary will be hosing a show titled 'North by Northwest' at the Marginal Utility space on 319 N 11th St in conjunction with the Citywide series of events. 

Once only used as a verbal shortcut for a cheap beer and watered down shot of whiskey, the term Citywide has been co-opted as a name for a collaboration and artist swap amongst Philadelphia's younger, hipper galleries.

This will be one of the many interesting shows happening this weekend with UPenn faculty and alumni, please make time to attend!

North by Northwest
Marginal Utility

Opening: Nov 1, 6-10pm
Location: 319 N 11th St., Philly, PA

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