Linnea Paskow (MFA '02) and Elisa Soliven Showing 'Coat of Many Colors' at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery in Brooklyn, Oct. 18th

Janet Kurnatowski is pleased to present, 'Coat of Many Colors', a two person exhibiton of painting and sculpture by Linnea Paskow and Elisa Soliven. The exhibition runs from Oct 18 - Nov 17. Please join the artists for an opening reception on Friday Oct 18th from 7 till 9pm.

Paskow and Soliven both have a tactile relationship with their materials, allowing the image to slowly emerge from the ingredients they choose:

Paskow paints temporary, fleeting moments that seem to slip away but become almost cinematic through the act of painting.  Working on an intimate scale, Paskow conveys human warmth and relationships, as well as both moments of lightness and darkness.  Influenced by the dreamscape of her inner world, she captures otherworldly images relating to everyday life.  Paskow embodies the feelings of dream images. She alchemizes the images into colors and light, creating a reconfigured sense of presence.

Soliven uses found everyday objects for the immediacy with which they capture a sense of the unfamiliar in the ordinary.  By reconfiguring the form of objects, she reduces this familiarity and transforms them into idiosyncratic inventions. Soliven's recent figurative sculptures are portraits of her acquaintances and friends, whom she symbolically transfigures through an accumulation of modeled layers of plaster, clay and pigment. This process serves as a record of her search to capture the essence of her subjects.

Much like the originative and resourceful 'coat' in Dolly Parton's song of the same title, Soliven and Paskow stitch together multifarious relics of their psychic experiences to create objects greater than the sum of their parts.

Opening: Oct 18th, 7-9pm
On View: Oct 18th - Nov 17th

205 Norman Ave - Brooklyn NY 11222 
Hours: Friday & Saturday 1-7pm, Sunday 1-6pm

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