Caroline Claflin and Jacob Rivkin (MFA '13) curate group show 'lover, Bird of Prey' opening at FJORD Gallery, Apr 4th

Left: Bayne Peterson, IV-X-6236 Right: Kyle Mowat, Still from Ballpit
Dipping their toes into the Philadelphia curation scene with a tender splash, recent MFA alums Caroline Claflin and Jacob Rivkin are pleased to announce the opening of their show, lover, Bird of Prey, at FJORD Gallery. 

Both artists explore the complicated exchange between objects and animation in their own work and have continued that conversation in this curatorial project. There is a contradiction inherent to the exchange of the material presence possible in three dimensional stillness verses the two-dimensional flatness of a screen that allows for a 'bringing to life' of objects in animation. The nature of that contradiction is sure to be explored in interesting ways through the works of artists:

Sarah Anderson (MFA '12)
Lauren Gregory
Kyle Mowat
Bayne Peterson
& Caleb Wood

More information at http://www.fjordspace.com/.

Opening: April 4, 6-10pm
On View: 
through April 26

FJORD Gallery
2419 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia PA

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