Ceaphas Stubbs (MFA '13) opens solo show, "...And Everything Will Be Created Here..." in California

Ceaphas Stubbs  "The Flesh is Weak"  2013
Recent graduate Ceaphas Stubbs has opened his first solo show in the Los Angeles marking his triumphant return to the city after his thesis exhibition there in Chinatown nearly a year ago. This exhibition also marks the christening of a new Culver City space for the Reginald Ingraham Gallery which is displaying Ceaphas' work until April 12th.

Ceaphas Stubbs' photographs are a exploration in narrative weight and meaning, as well as a complex practice. He layers ready made and found images and objects to construct luxurious still life scenes that challenge the viewer to examine relationships between physicality and desire. The painterly quality of Stubb's visual tropes is both a critique and a declaration of the power and value of iconography. The three dimensionality of the photographs is an invitation for conversation; an entry point to investigate associations and signifiers that subvert ritual and evoke nuance through color, space and imagery. The texture rich collages reference a shifting symbolism similary seen in Dali's playful surreal compositions, while being firmly grounded in the influential photographic considerations advanced by such artists as Zeke Berman and other luminaries in photography.

On View: Mar 1 - Apr 12

Reginald Ingraham Gallery
6021 Washington Blvd
Culver City CA, 90232

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