Current MFA Students at PAFA! Opening June 27 5-7p

Plus One

The Graduate Program at PAFA is pleased to present Plus one, an exhibition that
pairs PAFA MFA students with students from the MFA programs at Tyler School of Art and Penn Design.  

Even under the best conditions, studying art in graduate school can be an insular experience.  Students spend hours behind closed doors making work and don’t always get out to meet artists and students beyond their department or school.  Philadelphia is home to many art schools, but connections aren’t always made, and students with similar interests might work across town from one another without ever sharing their ideas. Plus One was organized with this in mind, as a way for students from different programs to connect and start a dialogue.

Five PAFA MFA students were invited to show work in PAFA’s Gallery 128 for the exhibition. These students were asked to each invite a guest from another Philadelphia MFA program to exhibit with them. The result is a show of ten artists, working in the same city, who have just finished the first year of their graduate studies. No matter which school they attend or what medium they work in, these students have likely shared a similar first year experience of experimentation and trying to find out who they are as artists.  For some, their work may be in a place of transition, but all of them are at an incredibly exciting time where they have cast the net and anything is possible. This exhibition is an opportunity for these students to share their experiences, exchange ideas and start conversations that will hopefully continue long after the show is over.

The PAFA artists and their invited guests are:

Sean Hildreth (PAFA) and Seneca Weintraut (Tyler)
Ruthie Iglesias (PAFA) and Jennifer Nugent (Tyler) Marcelle Reinecke (PAFA) and Kasey Short (Penn) Rebecca Sedehi (PAfA) and Jennifer Berman (Penn) Shane Smith (PAFA) and Natessa Amin (Penn)

Organized by Clint Jukkala, Chair of Graduate Programs, PAFA

Opening Reception:
June 27, 5-­‐7 pm
Exhibition runs through July 27

The exhibition Plus One coincides with the exhibition, Heads and Hearts, The work of Yoni Hamburger and Ashley Wick on display at PAFA’s School of Fine Arts Gallery

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